Six New Courses about Jewelry and Gemstones

January 12, 2022   |  Vanina Pikholc

These programs enable business owners to hone their expertise, study the industry and improve their marketing.

One of the best ways to spend your free time is to learn a new skill or develop those you already have. Almost two years into the Covid-19 pandemic, online courses and training programs about jewelry design, jewelry marketing, gemstones, diamonds, and the history of jewels are more than a passing trend. They have reached larger audiences and proved to achieve outstanding results.

A good virtual course helps jewelers communicate well with customers, build the skills needed to grow their businesses, understand key issues in the industry, and boost their careers. Here are some of the best remote programs provided by reputable organizations and successful entrepreneurs to start planning 2022.

Solution for retailers
The Diamond Council of America (DCA) recently debuted a new website and expanded learning options to serve a larger portion of the jewelry industry and “provide the education solutions that retailers need to be successful in today’s environment,” according to DCA president and CEO Terry Chandler. The nonprofit organization — which provides distance education and professional certification in diamonds, colored gemstones and fine-jewelry sales — is offering a Diamond Course, a Colored Gemstone Course, Advanced Jewelry Sales and Beginning Jewelry Sales. All of the choices are available around the clock. Participants can proceed through the courses at their own pace.

Jewellery Foundation
“The world of jewelry and gems has caught the imagination of men and women,” shares Joanna Hardy, an independent fine-jewelry specialist who conducts master classes and lectures worldwide. Jewellery Foundation, her online course, explores the world of emeralds, pearls, diamonds, rubies, and sapphires in eight informative one-hour videos. It also looks at how the gems are set in antique jewelry and follows their journeys from mine to market. “For over 30 years, I’ve been on an incredible journey discovering the magical world of jewelry and gemstones, and for the first time I’m able to share my passion and knowledge with you through my online courses,” Hardy says.

Brilliant Content Course
This course explains what kind of Instagram content works for jewelers and how to create it. It is conceived and taught by Katerina Perez — a jewelry insider with more than 12 years of experience in the jewelry sector — and Preeta Agarwal — a New Delhi-based jewelry specialist, stylist and consultant who specializes in public relations, branding and marketing. The course runs from January 13 to April 8. It includes 13 online lessons, a weekly webinar, assignments and homework every week, feedback about the homework and a chat room for questions.

The Luxury Masterclass
Christie’s is launching a 12-month certificate program starting on January 18 that includes six intensive courses. It is designed to help people pursue their career ambitions in the world of luxury brands and incorporates prerecorded online courses, live virtual programming, and contact with a tutor. Alongside a foundation in jewelry, handbags and watches, the certificate gives participants tools for career expansion. It also provides an understanding of the unique structures of the luxury markets; in-depth knowledge of luxury brands and how they approach marketing, retail and design; and digital developments in the luxury market, among other topics.

Art Deco Jewels
Daniela Mascetti, a renowned jewelry historian, recently launched a website called Understanding Jewellery with jewelry expert David Bennett. In her Art Deco course, she explores the origins and development of this highly recognizable style and analyzes its origins and sources of inspiration. The course is divided into three parts: 1900-1914, the 1920s and the 1930s. It will be held in an interactive, live online format. Each session lasts approximately an hour, comprising 45 minutes of teaching followed by an opportunity for attendees to ask questions. Upcoming dates will be announced soon.

Jewelry Marketing
Laryssa Wirstiuk — founder and creative director of Joy Joya, a Los Angeles-based agency for jewelry brands, and the author of Jewelry Marketing Joy — believes that knowledge about marketing is a prerequisite to succeeding in business. Through her course, she helps jewelry entrepreneurs grow their companies and achieve their goals by reaching their target customers, developing a digital strategy, learning about performance indicators, and understanding the jewelry industry.

Main image: Joanna Hardy.



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Six New Courses about Jewelry and Gemstones

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