Podcast: Origins in Focus with Ming Lampson

November 5, 2023   |  Jewelry Connoisseur Team

In this episode, the London-based designer talks us through her latest collection, which explores the genesis of ornamentation.

Goldsmith, gemologist and private jeweler Ming Lampson unveiled her Origins collection at the Stephen Russell Gallery in New York on October 25.

The 25-piece collection was “inspired by the earliest forms of jewelry, by primeval ornaments made of pebbles, stones, shells, animal teeth, claws, all threaded together on vegetal fiber, interconnected just as these early jewels connect cultures and civilizations across the world,” explains the designer.

Working with gems such as chalcedony, pink rubellite, amber, pink star sapphire and jade, she plays on texture, geometric patterns and color in each of her jewels.

In this episode of the Jewelry Connoisseur Podcast, Lampson — whose work was on display alongside the gallery’s museum-quality pieces through October 28 — discusses her vision and shares how 20 years of pushing design boundaries led to this collection.

To listen to the podcast, click below.

This episode — along with the two previous seasons — is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and YouTube.

The Jewelry Connoisseur Podcast is hosted by Rapaport Editor in Chief Sonia Esther Soltani, and produced and edited by Vanina Pikholc.



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Podcast: Origins in Focus with Ming Lampson

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