Podcast: Chaumet’s Golden Age

October 8, 2023   |  Jewelry Connoisseur Team

Jewelry historian and curator Vanessa Cron talks us through a new exhibition celebrating the maison’s avant-garde creations from 1965 to 1985.

To kick off its third season, the Jewelry Connoisseur Podcast previews Chaumet’s new “Un Age d’Or” exhibition, which runs through December 2 at the maison’s Place Vendôme boutique.

The showcase’s curator, jewelry historian Vanessa Cron, tells our listeners about this “golden age” — the avant-garde creations that came out of the workshops in parallel to the brand’s more classic diamond-set jewels. In particular, she highlights the innovative work of the era’s two key designers — René Morin and Pierre Sterlé — as well as the groundbreaking L’Arcade exhibition space that Chaumet opened in the 1970s to display and sell its striking pieces.

Un Age d’Or” is a rare opportunity to discover timeless art jewels and immerse oneself in a period that is attracting new interest.

To listen to the Jewelry Connoisseur Podcast, click below.

This episode — along with the two previous seasons — is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and YouTube.

The Jewelry Connoisseur Podcast is hosted by Rapaport Editor in Chief Sonia Esther Soltani, and produced and edited by Vanina Pikholc.



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Podcast: Chaumet’s Golden Age

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